Rusty Pinebelly

Rusty the Aspiring Chef


Rusty Pinebelly, the dwarven chef, is a rogue that learned the art of the blade through his history of cooking: skinning animals, taking specific cuts of meat, and finely dicing vegetables. As such, his weapon of choice is none other than his cooking knife.

Aiding his brother Bilth in hunts, he learned to stay quiet, sneak behind animals, and strike in important areas – as not to ruin the meat.


Rusty hates that he is just barely shorter than his younger brother, and resents that he is technically the “little brother”.

Rusty and his brother, Bilth, were born to the Rubyknuckle clan, one of two clans under the mountain. The Granitepalm clan mined for precious metals and stones while the Rubyknuckle clan would craft those materials into valuable items, for sale. Although both clans provide a vital service to the growing and communal wealth under the mountain, each side has a growing notion that they are more important, and therefore are ‘worth’, than the other.

Rusty and his brother both did not like the growing tension between the two clans. Sharing friends and loved ones among both clans, the dwarves decided to move to the forests on the mountainside to maintain those relationships from a distance. There together they lived, training to be a master hunter and chef duo under their newly formed clan, Pinebelly.

Rusty came to cooking from suffering a terrible sinus infection. Taken to a hot spring by his brother for a steam bath, decades of soot and dirt from under the mountain unloaded from both of their systems. Eating a simple plate of scrambled eggs on their way home, Rusty was blown away by the tastes he was never able to experience while living underground. He vowed from that day on to search for and prepare the ultimate recipe.

As such, Rusty becomes somewhat miffed when others cook an inferior meal; seeing the ingredients wasted as they could have been used in a more careful and tastier manner. That aside, he loves to consume alcohol and have a good time at inns and bars. After finding the ultimate recipe, good company and good food are most important to Rusty.

Rusty Pinebelly

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