The Quaggoth


Ouinnie is a hulking beast, a mixture between a bear and a gnarled man-wolf, with the bluest of hair. Although terrifyingly powerful in combat, she seems to tolerate the group enough to not kill them with her sharpened claws, and mighty jaws.


The group met and broke Ouinnie deep in the servants quarters of the smoking mountain. After hours of screaming at, challenging, and chill touching the beast, eventually her bestial rage was broken and she became almost friendly to the group.

As an unexpectedly loyal companion in combat, Ouinnie has been known to rocket over large gaps to ferociously get between attackers and her master, Bilth. She would also consume their enemies corpses after a fight, both to feed and regain strength.

Knowing they could not keep her in normal company, Bilth eventually was forced to make a small path of food leading off into the woods, and leave her to return to her home.

“And do you remember how blue her hair was?” Bilth is known to ask while the group is walking.

“Aye,” Rusty will say, rolling his eyes. “I remember the beast’s blue hair.”

“She’s got the prettiest hair I’ve seen yet,” Bilth will say, dreamily.


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